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MOTIVE Issue 1: The Green-Golden Rade
by Mark Z. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/02/2019 13:27:48

What an ingenious way to introduce “fast travel” into your campaign!

I'll admit, this supplement really changed my mind about fairies. As far as story elements go, I’ve always found the Fey to be a little too fussy and pretentious for my tastes. High Tea with the Seely Court is not my idea of a good time at the gaming table. That said, the faerie-folk in The Green-Golden Rade are darker and profoundly weirder than I ever expected… especially <shudder> The Dance Macabre Troupe.

I really appreciate the fact this supplement gives GMs a practical reason to introduce the Fey into their campaign without making it expressly about them. The GRR is designed to be plugged in to an existing fantasy setting as a way for your players to traverse vast distances… assuming they’ve brave enough to pay the Toll.

Highly recommended!

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MOTIVE Issue 1: The Green-Golden Rade
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MOTIVE Issue 1: The Green-Golden Rade
by Matt S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/26/2019 10:57:12

The Green-Golden Rade is a great resource for adding the Faerie or Fey of myth and legend to your Dungeon World campaign. The folk protrayed within are much more sinister, amoral, and inhuman than their equivalents are usually portrayed in modern fantasy RPG's. That said, the Rade is an otherwordly road through the Faerie realm that can connect two different places and even times. Essentially it's a sort of pocket dimension existing alongside whatever world your campaign exists in. So, you could have your more Tolkienesque Elven characters meet Fey that are their terrible, almost deific counterparts without having to reconcile the differences between the two types of Elve in your DW setting. I haven't used this in a game yet, but I plan on it. Like all really good Dungeon World supplements, there's enough detail with new moves, magic items, a compendium class etc to flesh out a very unique experience for your players without being overly prescriptive. The Green-Golden Rade would be perfect for a Celtic or Viking themed campaign, but I think it would work great for pretty much any vanilla DW setting. I also think it'd be very easy to re-skin this for a very different, non euro-centric setting. Change some of the names up, make some appropriate creature substitutions, and would probably work fine as a magical pathway in most any mythical setting.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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