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Tianxia Accelerated Pay What You Want
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Tianxia Accelerated
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Tianxia Accelerated
Publisher: Vigilance Press
by Michael J. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/12/2015 13:27:49

I really liked this one. It essentially makes a game like Feng Shui (only more medieval) based on Fate Accelerated, rather than Fate Core. Beautifully illustrated. And gives lots of examples. I look forward to getting the full game.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Tianxia Accelerated
Publisher: Vigilance Press
by Clint F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 06/08/2015 10:05:38

I was part of the kickstarter for Tianxia, Blood Silk and Jade, being a big fan of Vigilance Press and Jack Norris from their Mutants and Masterminds products. I was a backer at the digital level, but kind of wish I'd gone for the printed edition now that I've played it.

When I did this, I didn't know anything about FATE, other than it was used in Dresden Files, Spirit of the Century and the old Fudge stuff. I knew it was story focused but that was about all.

This product, as it is accurately described above is the frame work for moving Tianxia, Blood, Silk & Jade to FATE Accelerated from FATE core. It still requires the core rules, and mainly of them, the Kung Fu section, as it requires some modifications from the Skills to Approaches, including some provided changes.

Using Accelerated's Approaches made everyone excellent at their chosen kung fu (if chosen well) and didn't have a skill tax of needing high Fight to be able to actually fight. Character generation was a snap, less than twenty minutes even for the most complicated character at our table.

It played very smoothly, as my first experience with FATE, and all four players were new to FATE as well. Two new to table top RPGs in general.

With about 40 minutes of character generation we had investigation, carousing, seduction, and a huge battle in the unstable burned out grounds of a Kung Fu school. All in all we played for four hours.

Very few drawbacks, and they aren't deal breakers in any way. A lack of an Accelerated character sheet and campaign planning sheets from the main books Appendix. I ended up making a document with all the adjusted Kung Fu styles and techniques to help with character generation and to quit flipping between the two books. I also did a quick and dirty adjustment of the main character sheet for Accelerated with some photo manipulation software. Those two bits of setup went a LONG ways to making everything go smoothly.

Plus, this is a Pay What you Want product, so you cannot beat the price. Accelerated Tianxia was perfect for my game, simplifying character creation and streamlining combat.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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