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Elysium Flare
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Elysium Flare
Publisher: VSCA Publishing
by Pierre S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/30/2019 14:38:13

ELYSIUM FLARE is a RPG based on a mix of Fate Core rules and an earlier Fate version, set in an advanced cosmopolitan setting of several alien species including Manichae (Humans). Each arm of a galaxy is the home arm of a different alien species, but many other species exist in a cosmopolitan way in the Hub of each arm. Things are more rustic on the Rim, and in the Gulf between arms things are the least developed where stars exist, not to mention that Horrors spawn in the Gulf areas. Sometimes a star empire wants to try to harness a Horror for its ambitions, but that always ends...badly.

A discussion of Fate Core rules follows but it's a little cursory. The rules have certain adaptations. There are a total of seven PC alien species, rules for creating Associations as characters, Starships designed as characters (Weapons and Armour are set up as very limited characters too), and Things (special devices). There are 3 "Physics" in this universe: Natural, Mystical or Psychic. An alien species might excel more in one type than in another. Your spaceship could jump across space using any one of these Physics but you have to maintain it appropriately with the same technology.

Star-systems are generated with tables of Aspects on a point-buy system. A default Aspect for a typical world costs zero points, but more bizarre Aspects cost more, up to 4 points. Aspect tables are grouped according to Trouble, Culture, Environment, History, and Proximity (how many star-systems are close by). It costs more to have a very isolated star-system than one with neighbours. The outcome of this table also determines how you sketch out the sector of space. There are tables for Hub, Rim and Gulf worlds and tables for worlds in each of the species Arms of the galaxy.

Rules for character combat and spaceship combat round out the end. One difference from Fate Core is that a Zone has a "clutter" value which costs effort (shifts on an Athletics roll) to move into. On the other hand, more "clutter" benefits you if you are trying to hide from gunfire. Clutter is not a rule in Fate Core, but it was found in the earlier FATE 3.0 as a "pass value". Spaceship combat uses a player-character centered system where their ship has a "reticle" showing what other ships are right in front of you (center circle), then what is to the side of you (middle rings) and finally what is directly behind you (outer ring). Combat maneuvers decide if enemy ships are favourably or unfavourably placed. A few ship-types are mentioned and an Index rounds out the 132-page book. The book is written in a breezy style so it's not that much larger than a typical Fate World Book of 50 pages, but there are many star-system Aspect tables in the page-count. The setting is kept pretty open, the only details are in the traits of the alien species and the star-systems that are likely to result, but you have to make up your own setting details with Associations as a starting-point.

All in all, a good Fate Core-type game although the rules might not be so understandable to a beginner.

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