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Witch Class 5E
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Witch Class 5E
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 10/22/2020 09:12:54

Originally posted here:

This pdf is 15 pages (1 title, 1 legal) and selling at $1.00 PWYW, falling below my 10 cents per page price threshold. The PDF itself reminds me a bit of the style and presentation of an Unearthed Arcana article, but with art. I am sure that is the author's intent.

This class has a bit more flavor than others, with a little more background for the witch. It takes a specific point of view on witchcraft but is easily adopted or adapted. Like most of the other DMSGuild witches, this one is a full 20 levels with casting to the 9th spell level ability. This one also has a limit on the total number of spells the witch can know. The witch gets some powers common to all witches and some that specific to their coven. The common powers are known as Witchcraft (naturally) and revolve around channeling life energy.

The covens include the Celestial, Fey, and Infernal. There is a spell list and four new spells. So this gives it an edge over many of the others.

There are a lot of neat ideas here and many worth looking into deeper.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks! I appreciate the review, if through reading the class and concepts you find any adjustments or balancing suggestions, please let me know! This class is a fun one, and I'd like to continue to improve it.
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