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Dead End $14.99
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Dead End
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Dead End
Publisher: Atomic Ninja Studios
by Conrad E. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 02/16/2021 09:28:19

The Good

Character rules, edges etc are good and add value and the setting rules cleverly change the type of game you will be playing, less hack and slash and more scrounge and scrounge.

The Bad

Nearly a 1/3rd of the book is dedicated to background on the USA, now, I know you can modify the info to fit your country but for a book of this price I'd rather have some more general world information or keep it much shorter. This space and time could have been used to firm up the weapons section or even add a general area/location to play out of.

The So So

The gear carrying/scavanging rules seem okay but the weapons seem like they got little attention/love (Which might make sense as the game isn't really focused on combat), this is seen when most weapons have a d4 str requirement and some of the weapons have more than one entry in either handguns/long guns/special weapons but there aren't that many options to pick from.

Is it worth it? If you like savage worlds and would prefer a grittier more lethal version of the game with the option of zombies, then yes.

If I could I'd give this a 3.5 but as I can't I'll up it to a 4 as I like the setting rules.

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