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DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Dungeon Starter Set $9.99 $5.99
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Patrick S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/01/2019 18:43:10

The Dragonlock starter set is a great addition to my terrain options. 3D printing is still really in its infancy but this takes advantage of what that tech has to offer.

The set comprises .stl files for two types of straight walls, a corner piece, a small pillar piece, a doorway and door, a set of stairs and a 2inch square floor tile piece.

I've been printing at a 100 micron precision and a floor tile takes an hour and a half, straight walls about 3 hours and the stairs were the longest run for me at 6 hours.

Right now I have 18 two inch long walls, six corners, two stairs, five doors and about 20 floor tile*s. I'm still working through my first $22 spool of filament! Much, much more economical than the (admittedly beautiful) dwarven forge product! The Fat Dragon model of enabling "print all you want" terrain really shines in this department.

Expansions developed through the kickstarter will include trap tiles, a portcullis, broken floors, wall torches, double doors, cavern tiles and much more. This is a product line that is growing and (so far) makes a terrific product. (I use hatchbox filament and it takes paint flawlessly, the tiles are more than tough enough for rough handling).

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DRAGONLOCK Ultimate: Dungeon Starter Set
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