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Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Graham E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/15/2016 13:19:18

This review will be far shorter than this book deserves, due in part to illness making my head spin

Is this a good addition to the BattleTech rules line up? Yes, by all that is good yes! If you like the old rules for running mercenary units from the old Field Manuals then this will be a delight. If you want to run a government unit or pirates, you're covered. This is The book for unit management and allows anything from small Lance scale groups up to, well in one example the player Hanse creates something he call the AFFS... Gee, I wonder who that could be ;)

That's another thing, not only are the rules flexible while being robust (good enough that anything not covered can be extrapolated from what is) but there is a nice line of humour running through the book. By keeping things generic the same rules apply to any era with a few modifiers.

To get the most out of this book then either a noticable bit of paperwork or a spreadsheet will be essential but that is rather the point of it Campaign Ops. The rules keep things at a useful level without being overly detailed, and features a simple split for costs between Combat/Peacetime, something lacking in prior versions. I would expect a spreadsheet to be on the BattleTech forums any day now, if it isn't already there!

Planet generation is solid enough to work, while open enough to tweak to a players delight. Not as detailed as some rules sets but doesn't require a degree either so that's a win.

Implementation of the Chaos Campaign framework looks to be nicely done though I have little experience to give a fair and accurate assessment.

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BattleTech: Campaign Operations
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