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Age Past: The Incian Sphere Revised Edition (APISR)
Publisher: Strange Machine Games
by Aaron B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/03/2017 01:11:03

Author and Designer Jeff Mechlinski takes a bold new approach to Swords and Sorcery medieval fantasy in Ages past. After turning about 20 This reviewer learned of the world of rpgs outside of Dungeons and Dragons. Often I have encountered systems meant to cater to one specific setting or feeling. This is neither of those and encompases a wide range of settings. The age past system does one thing above all other things it does extremely well. Variety, is the core of this system building a classless character from the ground up with your own wants and desires strewn about it. I personally love my character from it. He is everything I wanted. Moving forward the alignment system is inventive and refreshing and the races are full of there own flare without being to unfamiliar. My primary issue with this rulebook however Is in fact the core mechanic of dice pooling, and the combat, while this reviewer understand the point of the system in that one can be far more narrative to combat, it often feels bogged down in a minutia of unneeded athematic and overly complex rules. The dice system while elegant can take new comers a bit longer to learn though this is not a negative long term. All in all for my first experience with this Author/Designer I find that Age Past is a refreshing and invigorating take on the swords and sorcery catalogue and I am excited to see his next product hit the shelves

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Age Past: The Incian Sphere Revised Edition (APISR)
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