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Fate Adversary Toolkit $8.00
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC
by Michael H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/17/2017 19:27:18

Just hopped into the Fate Adversary Toolkit. A great smorgasbord of encounters and challenges which also fleshes out adversary oriented rules in a useful way. It displays Fate Fractal powerfully – everything can be a “character,” framing a powerfully useful reference work. It works well.

Clock ticking down? This book gives you enough material to get things moving quickly – Fate newbies or anyone who really just doesn’t have time to work up a scenario now has a powderkeg of useful stuff at hand. Spice up your usage of Zones instead of just tossing them arbitrarily to the side (guess I’m the only one that’s ever done that, right?). Put your thugs, mooks, normals, and NPC-lite snacks to work for you a little more effectively. This book’s a great mentor.

Keep the product at this caliber or higher and you’ve got a great line of materials which can make Faters pretty happy. I certainly am.

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Fate Adversary Toolkit
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