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Modern Day Theme Inspired RPG Plots for Fantasy Pay What You Want
Publisher: ThinkDifferent
by Jason H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/29/2017 22:16:11

A slideshow with brief ideas for role-playing game plot ideas. Brief and to the point. One warning: the ideas are presented with a generic Dungeons-and-Dragons type fantasy in mind. (Many ideas talk about monsters, or farming, or shape-shifters, or multiple-diety pantheons, etc.) So despite the title, this book is useful for fantasy-type games and not so much for historical, sci-fi, or even modern-day adventures. A good read.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks Jason, I will edit the description to better state the strong focus on fantasy. These days, fantasy is all I play, my interest in sci-fi, horror etc has been waning unfortunately......
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Modern Day Theme Inspired RPG Plots for Fantasy
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