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Modern Day Theme Inspired RPG Plots for Fantasy Pay What You Want
Publisher: ThinkDifferent
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/04/2017 17:15:11

First, I would simply recommend getting Mr. Arto Saari's "All Think Different BUNDLE". I'd value the bundle at about $5.

As of early-November 2017, this is really the weakest of all the author's current products. Cut and paste headlines from today's news and you reproduced the content here. The idea of using news and current events as inspiration is good advice. Perhaps instead, he should have provided a short article explaining and illustrating his techniques for selecting and re-purposing such events in RPGs scenarios and settings.

I assume Mr Saari isn't a native English speaker. His products contain many odd sentences, grammar mistakes, spelling errors, etc.

The page count of the documents aren't a good benchmark; many pages appear to be presentation slides with text.

That all said, much of what he writes about is interesting from a game master/referee perspective. His illustrations are mostly good and reinforce his ideas well.

If I could suggest only one thing to the author, it would be to reorganize and consolidate all his work in a single document. Target that document to GM's for about $5.

I think the author has a strong interest in Modiphius' Conan RPG using a 2d20 system. Perhaps he could expand his existing content to include a more generous description of his play-style and techniques using that system as well.

There is potential here, but it requires better organization and editing.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks, but actually none of the plot lines here were actual news headlines, I just wrote about things I've thought I've seen in media for last decade or so.
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Modern Day Theme Inspired RPG Plots for Fantasy
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