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Delta Green: Observer Effect $4.99
Publisher: Arc Dream Publishing
by Ben F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/11/2018 13:16:38

Like the other DG scenarios, this is a dark tale of modern conspiracy horror. Likewise it is really well written and organised. This is probably a scenario for slightly experienced keepers. Whilst it's creator Shane Ivey has created various time lines in the scenario, the Keeper will need to create a master mind map & overall time line of events. It is an intense and intellectually challenging scenario.   Rewarding. Dark.

Yet again another unique exploration of the Mythos.. none of the all too familiar deep ones or other staple Mythos fare. Ivey et al are truly expert in bringing Lovecraftian horror alive in new, unique and challenging ways. In each scenario pcs are challenged to really think on their feet.

There are now approximately half a dozen Delta Green scenarios with more to come. Not only is the DG rule set the best on the market IMHO for Lovecraftian rpging, it is being brilliantly supported. Highly recommended!

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Delta Green: Observer Effect
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