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Into the City of Spiders $4.99
Publisher: Luke Hart
by Matthew T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/06/2018 19:26:05

This module is a simple campaign with a simple premise. Get the hostages and get out. The idea of this module mainly being a stealth mission is intriguing and is definitely worth exploring the idea of a stealth mission with your group. The module itself is presented very finely in an easy to read format. The enemy encounters are easy to run with limited spell casters to slow down the combat when new dms are involved. Unfortunately I was unable to print a color version so my criticisms of the module's maps may have to do with that. However there is a problem with a map in the module therein a room is described within the text but is unlabled on the map. However after some slight hunting I was able to find the unmarked room. I was also able to spot some minor spelling errors but it did not take away from the reading. This would most certainly need to be watched in the future and DMs would do well to look over this module and work out the kinks before going to the table. Overall this little module is worth the meager $2.99 for thee 2-3 sessions that this will last your group (depending on how they play).

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Into the City of Spiders
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