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Strands of Fate 2nd Edition $9.99 $6.69
Publisher: Void Star Studios
by Daniel F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/05/2019 04:28:05

I had to write this as a response to Dillard R review.

In my opinion this is much better than Fate Core (which I love) and a real Improvement from Strands of Fate 1e. It’s a Fate/FUDGE game with a little more needed crunch to make a character a bit more unique than I could in Fate Core.

With all Fate/FUDGE games you need to customize the campaign rules (Extras) and it’s usually a bit of hazzle for a GM. Strands of Fate 2nd edition does most of this for you. The Pre-written Perks, Powers and Gear is balanced into Power and Technology levels to make character/monster creation easier than Fate Core does.

It also Contain 4 excellent Strands of Fate to QuickStart a Cthulhu Horror; Fantasy; Superhero; or Cyberpunk campaign.

My absolute favorite part of Strands is that it borrows the Advantage / Disadvantage mechanics from D&D 5e (which I use to incentivize good roleplaying).

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Strands of Fate 2nd Edition
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