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Scion Second Edition Book Two: Hero $19.95
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Kyle N. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/10/2019 03:47:17

Origin is a solid (though mayhaps a bit flawed) system. But THIS is where Scion shines. Views of divinity! Showing the relationship between the Mortal and the Divine in the World of Scion! A grand and unique view of the setting.

The biggest one for me? There is not masquerade, like there was in 1e. That's right. The Gods are real... And they don't hide this. Nobody in the World doubts that the Gods exist, and that their champions walk the World. It's like a superhero setting, only the heroes are Heroes of Divinity.

Also, while I enjoyed Scion 1e, the more I learned about the actual stories of the Gods that were written for the line, the more I realized that oh, liberties were taken. Very unfortunate ones. Not so here, where the Pantheon writeups are MUCH closer to the source material. (No citing of Marvel Comics for the Nordic gods, for one). In particular, the Hindu Gods (the Deva) have one of the best writeups in the entire book. And the Aztec Gods (the Teotl) are very different from their 1e writeup of "The Designated Nominal Heroes", explaining much more about their nature.

I honestly wish I could rate this higher than just 5 stars. I'd recommend Scion 2e to anybody who likes adventure, anybody who likes over the top heroics, and people who are Mythology Nerds.

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Scion Second Edition Book Two: Hero
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