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The Arkham Gazette #3 $12.00
Publisher: Sentinel Hill Press
by Geoff G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/28/2019 11:29:35

Another solid issue of Arkham Gazette, this time featuring witches and witchcraft. The editor and authors take pains to explore the subject respectfully (the article on witch trials was thorough), while tipping the hat to portrayals in popular culture (which help fuel public interest), and tying it in to the Cthulhu Mythos and the Call of Cthulhu game, which is why we read AG in the first place. :)

The first four articles (all are highlighted below) are key in my view, and really should be read together. Articles that especially stood out to me include the following:

  • "New England's Witch Trials": A solid overview of what persecutions were carried out in which colony, by whom, and what the results were. No one in New England was actually burnt at the stake.

  • "Witchcraft in Lovecraft Country": What sorts of witch covens are active in the setting, and where. Plus, there is information about witchcraft locations.

  • "Building a Better Witch": Creating a more realistic NPC witch (white, grey, black, or Mythos) for your players to encounter, plus some new spells and ideas for a witch's grimoire. The notes at the end on how to use a witch in play (they aren't always adversaries) are very useful.

  • "Gods of the Witches": How witches in Call of Cthulhu might relate to specific Great Old Ones and their minions. Very thorough, and useful for setting up a cult for the game.

  • "Witch's Hollow": A nice writeup of a spooky location featured in a story by August Derleth. Introduces a new monster.

  • "The Queen of Night": A full adventure scenario involving the machinations of a young woman descended from an evil witch named Ann Whitlock, who is trying to build her own coven - one bloody sacrifice at a time. It's an open-ended, deadly investigation that requires the players to be imaginative...and to be prepared to suffer a nasty fate. Well structured and paced, this is not an introductory adventure.

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The Arkham Gazette #3
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