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Savage Worlds Adventure Edition $9.99
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Thomas B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/01/2020 10:28:43

IN CONCLUSION The general tone of the rules took a step back away from hard numbers and explanations and more towards "if it makes sense" or "you'll get the feel of it". I get that this is frustrating for some people. They need hard guidelines for anything that happens in a game. I appreciate that. I totally do not need that, so I appreciate the lean towards "rulings over rules" that the book stops just shy of adopting. The system can support investigative scenarios, tactical minis combat and social maneuvering, with mechanical support for all the above. It's the most diverse Savage Worlds yet. I still think a couple of the choices were oddly limiting given that everything else seemed to be about making the system more heroic, but if I every truly find those things too troublesome, I'll houserule it. Pinnacle has released a number of setting conversion sheets (1-2 pages) for everything that doesn't have a full blown revision planned (Savage Rifts has been revised, and new Deadlands books are coming), but don't stress out: For as much as they changed, it's still remarkably backwards compatible. The BIGGEST thing to watch for with old material is making sure that the skills line up (given that some have been removed/consolidated/so on). Man, I love Savage Worlds. I've never hidden this. I've bought the core rules three times now, this last time going all-in on the Essentials Box. I did that after having access to the PDF of this edition. I fully believe this is the best iteration of Savage Worlds yet, so yeah, I'm gonna give it a glowing endorsement...even more so after using it in play. Big time recommendation. And don't bother holding out. There ain't a $10 version coming, aside from the PDF. Buy now, get to playing.

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Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
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