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Scion Second Edition Book Two: Hero $19.95
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Andrew S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/20/2020 02:02:55

I really liked Scion 1st Edition so I was really excited by a second edition to clean up some of the glaring flaws 1e had. Unfortunately this book doesn't really do that. it bolts a scion framework onto the Storypath system, which doesn't really work well. (You are mythically fast, well too bad this system uses Stamina to dodge!) It also changes the setting which was the part of Scion I loved so much into a world that I have trouble beiving in. I can (for a game) accept that the gods are real and grant power tot heir progeny, I can accept that the forces of evil rise up to attack mortals, but I really just can't belive that everyone on earth is aware of the truth of the exsistance of the old gods...and it didn't change any of human history. The setting completely losses me at that. I know that they wanted the modern setting to be close enough to our world to be relatable, but it ends up being more suspension of disbelief in human actions than I can muster.

All in all a not very good mechanical system paired with a setting that isn't logically consistant ends up with a product I just can't recomend.

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Scion Second Edition Book Two: Hero
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