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ALIEN RPG Chariot of the Gods Scenario
Publisher: Free League Publishing
by Björn L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/30/2020 09:40:22

In space, no one can hear your characters die - a Mephisto review

Chariot of God

When several space truckers are suddenly awakened from their cold sleep by the ship's computer during a routine transport to answer the call for help from a spaceship that has been missing for decades, this does not bode well - especially when this mission takes place in an Alien universe...

Chariot of God is an entry-level adventure for the Alien RPG, which was also included in the Cinematic Starter Kit. The adventure follows one of the two approaches of role-playing games, called "cinematic", which keeps close to the approach of the movies. The plot focuses on a dangerous one-shot, which takes into account the fact that characters can die (and they probably will). The aim is to capture the dark and harsh flair of the movies and to start the plot directly.

Chariot of God provides the necessary material for this, starting with ready-made characters with conflict potential and their own goals, through the deck plans of the two spaceships, to a plot that takes up the Alien theme and throws the player characters into a deadly scenario.

Chariot of God is very well designed and confronts the players with one threat after the next, so that the adventure is a permanent fight for survival, illustrating the different game mechanics.

From my point of view, Chariot of God is an excellent adventure that manages to capture the flair of the films - and their threat level. If you want to play the hard fight for survival in its various facets, you'll get a story in the style of the movies. However, those who are attached to the survival of the characters or think that a game should end with sucess, should rather avoid this challenge...

(Björn Lippold)

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ALIEN RPG Chariot of the Gods Scenario
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