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A Savage Guide to Dinosaurs $1.00
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Jan F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/08/2020 17:31:23

Just played the first game where I threw a party of late Novice/early Seasoned players against an Allosaur, and it worked really well. I was a bit worried it might be too much, but it turned out to be a perfectly good challenge for the party. Thanks for helping an epic scene happen!

Only thing I am missing is some sort of Intimidate and/or Fear ability. I think this is something every at least carnivore, but also many herbivores, would be able to do reasonably well.

I would also appreciate if you would also include some of the bonuses and penalties that result from a specific size, such as +1 wound.

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Creator Reply:
Glad to hear things went well! The Allosaurus is one of my personal favorites.

Fear definitely makes sense but one of my goals was to keep the Stat Blocks streamlined to make it easy for Game Masters. Might be worth revisiting!

I hear you on the Size thing too. It can be a lot to track. If I do a revision I’ll reach out to PEG and see how much I can reference inside the stat block and add that in.

Thanks for taking the time to not only rate A Savage Guide to Dinosaurs but also leave a review. It means a lot and I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

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A Savage Guide to Dinosaurs
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