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Witch Class (D&D 5e) Pay What You Want
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Timothy B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/23/2020 10:42:35

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This PDF is 11 pages (1 title, 1 legal, 9 content) and no art. The layout is clean but the background image makes it a little harder to read. The PWYW price is $1.00. That comes right in at my 10 cents per page guideline so yeah this is good.

There is some background given, relating the witch to the druid. It is fine, but I don't quite think it came over the way the author wanted it to though.

This witch is a full caster of 20 levels and to the 9th level of spell ability. This witch is also a wisdom caster and has ritual casting. These witches also gain a familiar. The archetypes are known as covens, as expected. There are two, Creators and Hag's Disciple. The Hag one is expanded based on the type of Hag used.

There is a spell list, but no new spells.

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Witch Class (D&D 5e)
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