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Knife to Know You $4.95
Publisher: Summerhaven
by Christine C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/27/2020 02:04:05

For your next dark and stormy night… “Knife to Know You” is everything you are looking for in a 5e horror adventure and more. There can never be enough horror adventures, especially ones that could be run as one shots for Halloween or any other time to get spooky!

This particular adventure is great on its own or if you are thinking of building a whole horror setting in Summerhaven. The adventure is in the slasher horror genre, but written n a way that DMs can dial up or down the gore to their tastes.

“Knife to Know You” may hook you with nostalgia for Christopher Pike’s pulp horror, but the adventure is way more than teen slasher horror. This adventure has several adventure outcomes that are driven by player decisions, so choices definitely matter!

Depending on DM and player preferences, the tone in this game could be ”Are You Afraid of the Dark” to “Cabin in the Woods.” If you love horror, you definitely want to have this in pocket to pull out for a dark, stormy night of fun.

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Knife to Know You
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