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Fantastic Lairs: 23 Boss Battles for your 5e RPG $14.99
Publisher: SlyFlourish
by Tim L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/05/2021 08:53:07

Loving this book! Coming up with unique encounters is always a top priority so having a book that is more than just monster or maps is huge. I love that it works some kind of special complication or unique element into the lairs to challenge players. There are also a lot of DMs Thoughts boxes throughout with specific advice for running that kind of lair or a specific mechanic from James, Mike and Scott that really help with that lair but are also great general advice. I ran the Dragon Mummy's Rage lair last week to the enjoyment of all and looking forward to trying more.

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Fantastic Lairs: 23 Boss Battles for your 5e RPG
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