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Big Apple Sewer Samurai $7.00
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Péter A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/28/2021 01:53:07

This book is very well-written. First of all, the cover art is jaw-dropping. The interior art is not bad either (you may have seen some of it if you own other SWAG products) but it's nowhere near as good as the cover art. This book gives you a mini-setting that is not too complicated but is interesting enough and gives you enough to start with. You get cool races that were inspired by 80s / 90s cartoons like TMNT and Gargoyles. These races can also be further customized. I like the way that style edges are written and also the new edges for the arcane backgrounds. These give more diverse character options. The setting rules (especially the one for puns) are fun, the gear lists are fulfilling. Then there is a huge collection of adversaries of different factions and kinds. This alone would make this book stand out, but it also gives you 4 one-sheet adventures (which are all good) and 8 pregens. This book is well worth its price.

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Big Apple Sewer Samurai
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