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Spheres of Might 5e $19.99
Publisher: Drop Dead Studios
by Shaun T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/10/2021 16:14:40

At first glance, Spheres of Might appeared to be just a new talent system to add to or replace the current Feats option in D&D. Those sorts of supplements tend to have issues with overpowering characters, but the concept seemed solid, the artwork was top notch, and really, who doesn't love spending talent points? After really digging into it, I quickly realized that this was one of the most in-depth, well balanced supplements that I've seen in years.

The piece includes background traditions for building characters, new classes based on their Sphere system, and a complete martial skill system that is entirely customizable for each individual character. The amount of options presented is impressive and the fact that most of it is grounded in basic D&D skills and mechanics even more so. This supplement doesn't try to reinvent the game, but it does offer a whole new evolution. See my full review on the Drunken Dragon.

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Spheres of Might 5e
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