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Worlds Without Number
Publisher: Sine Nomine Publishing
by istvan g. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/22/2021 09:26:17

Ideal mid-complexity game for Dying Earth or generic fantasy Again, top quality from Mr. Crawford


  • the magic system is the best in the market, if you like Jack Vance/Gene Wolfe novels. More Vancian than regular D&D, works wonders.
  • athmosphere is unique (again Vance/Wolfe)
  • top quality GM material to lessen the workload of the GM
  • the system works for generic fantasy after minimal work
  • neatly trimmed, no meaningless filler text, but a good read
  • more player character awesome abilites (adds complexity though)


  • more complex than most previous works (ie. Silent Legions or Scarlet Heroes)
  • the GM section seems less focused than usual, harder to find things. The upside is that it covers everything
  • some archetypes (ie. cleric or druid) needs to be created from two half class templates. Character creation takes up too much time
  • an alternative rule (shock damage) changes the natural flow of d20 combats


  • some trimming of the GM material. All are good, but some should have gone into supplements for ease of use
  • this game really, really needs single class writeups for archetypes (cleric, druid, monk, etc.)
  • longer explanation and advice on removing shock damage from the system would be great. For those who prefer "swingy" d20 combats.

OVERALL Unfortunately while this game is top quality, for me it is a nice read which I will never GM, just like Stars Without Number 2E. Luckily I can use Crawford's earlier fantasy games (Exemplars&Eidolons, Scarlet Heroes), which are perfect for simple system guys like me. While I recommend this game, I have to add that it is a better fit for groups who like medium complexity rulesets.

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Worlds Without Number
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