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Mummy: The Curse Second Edition $24.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by Erlan P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/27/2021 22:34:01

Play as Immortal atemporal demigos, with apocalyptic powers but very bad memory. In this book you will find the rules to play Mummies, which are very unique and present many interesting strong points. 1- You are not only immortal but atemporal: play one session in 1980 CE, play the next in 300 BcE. 2- Your powers have an inverted progression: you start as strong as a demigod, and lose your powers with time. When your energy is too weak, go to sleep, then wake up in another era again as a demigod. 3- Create and manage cults: have a group of followers that worship you and do things for you. Some are immortal too and will be with you for eaons (or play as the cultist instead of a mummy). 4- Many of the systems creates stories: want to learn the highest level of a power? Do an investigation to find how is done. These gives tons of tools to the ST to keep players engaged. 5- Tombs: design mini dungeons with everything from relics other can steal to traps.

I knew very little about Mummy before this 2ed book, now is the game I want to ran the most.

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Mummy: The Curse Second Edition
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