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Shuffler - Modern and Sci-Fi Map Creator $16.90
Publisher: Paper Make iT !
by Karl J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/15/2012 11:06:54

This Flash-based program is an easy-to-learn application that permits the creation of a wide variety of maps for RPG and wargame use. The basic tile artwork is executed very well, but the maps truly come alive when adding some of the many available effects for lighting, dirt, spills, water and others, all with color and/or shading variations available with just a keystroke or two. Every tile element is also scalable, allowing for adjustments in element and shapesizes and dimensions for the ultimate in map customization.

Square and hexagon overlays are incorporated as options, making this a useful application for both wargame and RPG maps with modern or sci-fi themes. Saving your maps as graphic (PNG) images with Shuffler also permits scaling of final map images for larger or smaller than the standard 1" square grid areas used for most RPG area maps.

The included documentation teaches how to add and manipulate images to your maps through the use of graphics instead of lengthy blocks of text. This permits the user to focus on creating useful and detailed maps easily after just a short amount of time using the program.

Whether you are a GM looking to create maps for your own campaigns or a game designer/publisher looking to easily create professional quality maps (obtaining a commercial license was easily and rapidly accomplished), Shuffler is simply THE application to own for completing your game maps in a short amount of time with the best possible visual results.

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Shuffler - Modern and Sci-Fi Map Creator
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