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BattleTech: Classic BattleTech Universe Book $0.00
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Doug S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/01/2008 13:44:40

My friends and I have recenty started playing more battletech. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to understand the politics and history of the battletech world. The color star league maps make the history easier to follow, and lets players come up with meaningful scenarios for the tabletop game.

I'm glad wizkids has re-released the boxed set with teh plastic mini's as well, but I'm especially glad they're putting out these books as free pdf's. All this information makes us more likely to keep playing battletech, and also to start buying metal mini's again.

A very professional resource!

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BattleTech: Classic BattleTech Universe Book
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