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True20 Adventure Roleplaying, Revised Edition $17.95
Publisher: Green Ronin Publishing
by Hamilton R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/18/2010 05:54:17

True20 is Green Ronin's answer to the D20 game system, using the M&M model of mechanics resolution. (Huh?) In other words, it is a simple and fun game to play any genre you like, from fantasy to space opera, using a modified D20 rule-set.

I like this game; I didn't think I would, but I really do. Normally, I don't rate things based on passion - I rate based on value vs. cost. However, I think it is important to state that I REALLY HATE D20, but! I really LIKE this game book and it's system.

For the value, it is a good deal at 10.00. It is sad that it seems that Green Ronin has (maybe) abandoned True20; I only recently discovered it (2010). If I had known that this was out there, I would have played it and recommended it more.

  • Note: while the layout of the book is OK, you should know that the artwork inside is only Black and White. I think this is why it has fizzled: people compared the Layout to D20 modern and thought "True20 looks like D20 on the cover, but there's no color on the inside." I don't think True20 got a good chance because of this one design flaw. I would like to see True 20 with a similar cover and some color art on the inside -- even if they had to cut the number of pages with color printing in half!

I like the Three Class system, the simplified lists, and the modified D20 resolution mechanics. I like the fact that the attributes are modifier only; I like the freedom True20 gives concerning gaining levels, purchasing equipment, and creating characters. I don't have lawyers and doctors for my players; I only have people who like to play games. Who do you want to find to play your games: rocket scientists or fun, simple people?

Less is more in just about everything; True20 is no exception.

An excellent system that was never given a chance; a grande substitute for any D20 product.

  • Green Ronin, read the above and learn from your past; bring this product back, better than ever, and I know I will buy my copy once I see it online or in the store.

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True20 Adventure Roleplaying, Revised Edition
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